Jingu group since its establishment in 1998, continuous innovation and progress, at present has become the mainly engaged in real estate development and integrated housing manufacturing, scope of business involves real estate development, integration of the housing industry, hotel, the pension industry in areas such as the diversified group of companies, the subsidiary companies across America, Australia and China Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xinxiang etc. more.

In the field of real estate development, Jingu group has accumulated development project of about 3000000 square meters, in the development of the project will be developed nearly 1800000 square meters, the dedication of the many outstanding projects, for the society including: Jiangsu province took the lead in the water storage area of central air-conditioning thermostat housing Jin Xiyuan, the pursuit of health is the theme of the new Austrian Jiayuan, real estate projects and commercial operation of the Valley Business Park of science and technology, the national ceremony demonstration projects, Jintan 500000 square meters large community of Valley City of China, is located in the business center of Xinxiang city landmark of large commercial and residential projects the gold Valley Times Square, located in Xinxiang - on the edge of the large residential projects, the sun belt, Xinxiang Chinese style garden villa project - Jingu Zijin Garden Villa and Xinxiang's first five Stars Hotel, Le Grand Large Hotel project, Changzhou high-end villa project - dak bay villa, five Stars Hotel project only a Huangguoshu Waterfalls Scenic Area - Grand Valley hotel.

In 2005 the company began to research and development of housing industry, after several years of research and development, the valley has set up two housing integrated product R & D and production of the Sino foreign joint ventures, and independent research and development of the whole wall patent technology at home and abroad are highly concerned, formed a research and development, design, production and integration residential energy conservation, quick housing integrated system of industrial chain, cluster production base and committed to the development of integrated housing industry.

The aging trend Chinese, making the elderly pension service has formed a huge market demand. Companies with real estate development, after many years of research, is to invest in the construction of Nanjing another spring of elderly health centre, the project set in care, vacation, health care, rehabilitation and other services in one, is a full-featured first-class hardware facilities of elderly health centre. In other parts of the country, the elderly health centre project in everything in good order and well arranged to build.

To create excellent products for customers, is Jingu group mission, the future, Jingu group will continue to integrate various resources, industrial alliance, expanding the scope of investment, and gradually developed into a synchronized with the world, with strong competitiveness of the first-class enterprise.