Company's management objective is to use the BLL building system, develop new integration building project construction, promote the development of the industrialization of the low carbon building, realize the integration of component parts of the factory house, industrialization, specialized, standardization. The main business of our company is the integration of research and development of the houses; Building products, parts of the production, sales and installation; Provide technical advice, technical training, technical transfer service.
The company's operating objective is the use of BLL architecture system, carry out the new integrated housing project construction, to promote low carbon building industrialization development, realize the integration of Housing Department Parts Factory is changed, industrialization, standardization, sets. The company's main business is the integration of housing development; housing parts, parts of the production, sale and installation; provide technical advice, technical training, technology transfer services.
At present, company and Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia, Afghanistan, Iraq, a plurality of Africa and the Middle East have signed a cooperation framework agreement, carry out the project to build, we are willing to work with all the concern world residential industry development in future a person of noble aspirations to struggle together, to create a new era of the new cutting-edge new brilliant.