BLL Light steel Lightweight concrete Construction System

Jingu Group, China Academy of Building Research (CABR) and China Building Technology Group Co., Ltd(CBTGC) jointly establish China House Tech Ltd. (CHT), and initiate, develop, promote components prefabricated integrated housing system——BLL( B shape Light steel Lightweight concrete complete set of products ) construction system. Building structures which use this system are of high safety, superior performance, fast construction speed, less labor, low comprehensive construction cost, it suits for industrialization and complete sets of housing, has obvious advantage than traditional building system and light steel system.

BLL construction system, namely, B shape light steel light concrete construction system, it is the structure casted on-site by light steel and light concrete.

Shape Light Steel

Differences of B shape from C shape light steel frame:
• High unit strength, can be used as individual columns and beams
• Can cast concrete in the wall due to holes on the components
• Can instal all types of components on the plugs
    • Use cold rolled, corrosion, galvanized steel, same as traditional light steel products
    • Meet the general international standard of light steel structure
    • Meet the general international required life time of light steel structure
Lightweight Concrete

The density of lightweight concrete is mall,light self weight, good thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire resistance.

Density 600~800kg/m3

Sound insulation no less 50dB

Thermal insulation can fulfill the standards of countries and areas with different climate


B shape Light Steel + Lightweight concrete = Wall Structure

Light Steel lattice withstand the construction loads, install the external wall panels and interior wall panels with a decorative surface on both sides of the wall keel, and filled with lightweight concrete.

Complete set of product

Franchise or partner provide complete sets of components and package, which could effectively guarantee the overall quality of the buildings and reduce costs.

Technical support

We have :

1. Powerful R&D team composed of architectural and structural experts from CABR, CBTGC, and European and American countries.
2. Professional structural design analysis software GTATS.
3. Material property lab, mechanical property lab, sound insulation performance lab, heat engineering property lab 
and etc.
4. Special production base.
5. Special injection for making lightweight concrete, special equipment for on-site pouring.
6. Special lattice tube rolling, assemble production line and special assemble equipment for BLL construction 
system. Establish the housing parts production line, processing and manufacturing workshop according to the scale and demand of local housing market.

                                               Production base in Tongzhou District of Beijing


                                              B shape light steel-frame structure production line