On May 18, hebei provincial government directly entrusted jingu group

                                                         Leader of Laiyuan county delivered a speech

On May 18, hebei provincial government directly entrusted jingu group for the first conference on tourism development in hebei province rapidly build laiyuan baishi mountain geological museum and visitor center project foundation stone laying ceremony at the source of baoding LaiShui baishi was held at the foot of the mountain.
The project led by my jingu group design, construction, building area of 6000 square meters, the collection of the museum and visitor center two big functions.The whole building a mountain type layout, use the Chinese style roof, doors and Windows are blended in with the local Lai source characteristics of beautiful window design, will be after the completion of the overall and the surrounding mountain together, highlights the natural harmonious beauty.
Due to tourism development conference will be held in September this year, the project completed in late August, only 3 months of time limit for a project to most construction companies, and I'm jingu group cpmpany in last year's 2 primary school and a kindergarten, with good quality and fast time limit for a project, won the trust of the provincial government leadership.As a result, their handing jingu person it again.
Project group will continue to use my original part prefabricated building system, scientific control of each piece of the whole process of construction part from custom to install, open system can integrate all kinds of advanced materials and process.Second generation new walling and factory prefabricated building service life can reach the standard even more than the provisions of the state, the fire reached A level, the seismic intensity reached A magnitude 8, excellent insulation heat preservation performance not only cut off the noise effectively, can greatly reduce the use of building energy consumption, lightweight wall body makes installation easier, and shorter construction period, more environmentally friendly way of construction, lower construction costs, particularly for the build system relative to the traditional construction mode the advantages of upgrading. 
Baishi mountain geological museum and visitor center starts smoothly, sign my company use the advanced construction of the system, to quickly build series in hebei province tourism infrastructure project officially launched.It also means I jingu group "part fabricated 'build body" began to enter the mature stage in the development of large-scale.
Laiyuan county party secretary, agatanoatae related units, baishi mountain tourism development co., LTD. Leadership and my company's technology backbone, attended the ceremony.

                                                                  The stone-setting ceremony

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