On July 16, 2016, vice secretary of hebei ,Zhao yong inspect Laiyuan project

On July 16, 2016, vice secretary of hebei ,Zhao yong led the field to the standing committee of the provincial party committee propaganda minister, xiaodong wang, director of the provincial tourism development committee, vice governor of the book in the morning, the provincial government, the main leaders of the central leadership and baoding city in my group chairman Li Yu accompanied by new, visited our company in laiyuan baishi mountain geological museum and visitor center project.

Baishi mountain project construction area of about 6000 square meters, is will be held in September this year in hebei province tourism development conference facilities.Emergency, because the time is short, my company after received commissioned by the hebei provincial government, decisive USES the independent research and development of prefabricated building system, with only a month time to complete the overall design, foundation construction, the main structure installation, the whole project was completed in late August full commitment with a reliable protection.We adopt the part again, prefabricated building system chiefly, its construction speed and quality for inspection of hebei be led by the highly consistent recognition and praise.

The project not only for hebei tourism industry has created a business card, but also for my company's product prefabricated building system to promote housing construction industrialization, standardization, accumulated valuable experience.In the future will continue to be for the promotion of green energy saving construction in hebei province make more contribution to accelerate the construction of new countryside.

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